After 13 years, student takes flight and lands back at Razdolna School

Meet Polagia Basargin
Polagia was born in the village, and attended the small school there for thirteen years, graduated, and now works in the school!

Prezi: A Student Takes Flight

A student takes flight

A Student Takes Flight….

At the end of her 8th grade year, the students outgrew their building, and she waited a full year for a high school portable to be built.

The Making of a Middle-High School
Polagia pitched right in to help create the library in 2010.

Though she struggled with reading, Polagia continued to grow and blossom as a student. She exited the IEP program in 2012.

She had a knack for art…

Meet Basargin Village
Otherwise known as Razdolna, this village is home to approximately 30 growing Old Believer families.

… and her sense of humor and style were inspirational. We knew she was bound for great things. When Polagia graduated in 2013, many of her friends had plans to marry. She decided to be a career girl, at Razdolna K-12 School!

Polagia’s talent with teaching the younger students has become apparent the last couple of years.

She now works alongside her former teachers, and never fails to impress us all with her maturity and willingness to be a lifelong learner.

Story submitted by Tim Whip, principal, Razdolna School

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