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Creeanna Whitcome, Seward High School #ClassOf2018

Class of 2018
Creeanna Whitcome, Seward High School

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Creeanna Whitcome’s accomplishments and contribution to her school and community is nothing short of miraculous when one considers the adversity she has worked through her entire life. Flying drones for the Seward Area Flood Board, raising funds for the Special Olympics, and tutoring Seward Middle Debate students, Creeanna is a four-year member of Seward High’s Student Council, serving as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Parliamentarian. She competed on Seward High’s Debate, Drama, and Forensics Team, placing in numerous events at State Competition. She is a founding member of Seward High’s online student newspaper, Finally, Creeanna has been a two-year member of Seward High’s National Honor Society. She accomplished all of this while maintaining a 4.084 GPA.

Most profoundly, however, is that Creeanna reached this level of achievement while being responsible for the primary care of all of those around her. She chooses to live with her grandmother, who has profound psychological diagnoses, because this option is more safe than the environment in which her mother is living through a life-time of addiction. Creeanna is also the oldest of two. This means that she handles all of the functions of a head-of-household—bills, taxes, shopping, cooking, and cleaning—even as she handles the responsibilities of primary care for her grandmother and sister.

She has been admitted into the Honor’s Program at the University of California, Davis and is waiting to see if she is admitted to the University of California, Berkeley. Her plan is to study psychology and social work so that she can return to Seward to support students, like her, to help ensure that their demography does not dictate their destiny.

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