New Collective Bargaining Agreements

Collective Bargaining Agreement

“I am very happy that KPBSD agreements with KPEA and KPESA were ratified and unanimously approved by the Board of Education. This is the first time that the District and the Associations have gone through the Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) process. It was a long, and not always an easy path, but everyone involved was open to ideas, assumed positive intent, and committed to working together. The process resulted in Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) that are fair, contain long needed language changes, and respect all staff members. I have a heartfelt thank you to everyone who was involved in this process.”

Superintendent Clayton Holland

New Negotiated Agreements for the
2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023-2024 School Years

On Monday, September 13, 2021, the KPBSD Board of Education approved the FY22-24 Kenai Peninsula Education Association (KPEA) and Kenai Peninsula Education Support Association (KPESA) Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA).

On Thursday, September 2, 2021, KPEA and KPESA ratified and certified the Tentative Agreement (TA) reached with KPBSD for the FY22-24 school years.

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Free Developmental, Vision, and Hearing Screenings for preschoolers

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) provides free screening for children 3 through 5 years old (not yet in kindergarten)

Areas screened include: speech and language, learning and understanding, coordination and movement, social-emotional skills, self-help skills (feeding, dressing, and toileting), vision or hearing.

Children already identified with disabilities should also be screened if not receiving special education services through the district.

Screenings in your area

Central Kenai Peninsula
Soldotna Area

Watch for upcoming dates

Eastern Kenai Peninsula
Seward Area

Friday, October 15, 2021: Seward, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in conjunction with Sprout and Bloom. Call Casie Warner at 907-491-0544 to schedule an appointment

Southern Kenai Peninsula
Homer Area

Wednesday, October 13, 2021: Razdolna School
Wednesday, September 29, 2021: Chapman School
Wednesday, September 29, 2021: Ninilchik School
Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.: Susan B. English School
Friday, September 17, 2021, 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.: Paul Banks Elementary
The screenings will be held in-person, by appointment only. Call Kelli at 907.260.5148 to make your appointment

To make an appointment or for more information call the KPBSD Child Find office at 907.260.5148 or email

Additional locations on the Kenai Peninsula will be added this spring.

Developmental Checks

By Age 3

  • Count to 3
  • Speak to most adults and be understood
  • Build a tower of at least 8 blocks
  • Walk up and down stairs
  • Run without falling very often
  • Follow simple directions
  • Repeat simple sounds or rhymes
  • Match colors and shapes
  • Put on some clothes without help
  • Point to 6 parts of the body (hair, nose, eyes, feet, hands, mouth)
  • Name several objects (chair, box, ball, etc…)
  • Imitate drawing a circle (even if it is not quite round)

By Age 4

  • Count to 5
  • Speaks in sentences of about 5 words
  • Asks “how” and “why” questions
  • Cuts with scissors
  • Stands on one foot without falling
  • Catch and throw a ball
  • Holds crayons with fingers, not fist
  • Answers simple question like: “What do you do when you are hungry?”
  • Recognize and name 3-4 colors
  • Enjoys playing with other children
  • Dresses self completely (with help on pullover shirts and sweaters)

By Age 5

  • Count 5 objects
  • Explain what objects are used for
  • Understand the concept of “yesterday”, “today”, and “tomorrow”
  • Climb a ladder to a slide
  • Cuts with scissors on a straight line
  • Copy a picture of a circle and a square
  • Understand words like “on”, “under”, and “behind”
  • Match colors and shapes
  • Go to the bathroom without help
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Sources of Strength Family Toolkit

Sources of Strength

Dear KPBSD Families, Students, and Staff,

Take a deep breath.

It is very important to keep doing this. Several times a day, a pause to inhale and exhale for even a minute. Leaning into autumn and winter, eighteen months into the COVID-19 pandemic, resiliency is becoming more of a challenge for many people. Parents, caregivers, children, teachers and support staff, employers, everyone in health care–we need kindness and grace in our lives more than ever.

This family toolkit was originally offered to families in June 2020, and we are repurposing it again now, since the information and activates are meaningful and trustworthy.
KPBSD offers you these tools to help you navigate the transitions you are facing. Sources of Strength is a public health program that 14 of our KPBSD schools currently offer for their students. Sources of Strength focuses on promoting mental health and building protective factors that increase connection, coping, resiliency and wellness.

We all have strength!

Our Sources of Strength programs help teams of students and school staff identify what strengths they have in their lives to help them move through the ups and downs of life. The Sources of Strength Wheel is composed of eight categories that we can draw strength from: Family Support, Positive Friends, Mentors, Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality, Physical Health and Mental Health. These strengths are powerful strengths that help us build resilience and health relationships.

We all have mental health.
How we cope, calm and connect when we experience feelings and emotions are what creates our mental health. We can use our strengths to support our mental health. It is possible for us to not just survive, but thrive in our new reality. These resources provide you check-ins, activities for exploring emotions, conversation starters, and practices for you and for the student in your household to calm, to cope and to connect.

These activities and resources are from elementary schools, middle schools, and high school programs. Feel free to modify them however works best for you. Start your day with a check-in. Take the emotional temperature in your home and find out how everyone is doing. End your day with thankfulness, naming things that you are grateful for. Share these resources with your friends and neighbors, and together let’s practice #WhatHelpsUs. Share posts on social media and hashtag #WhatHelpsUs and #KPBSDstrong

open: KPBSD Sources of Strength Family Toolkit


Your KPBSD Sources of Strength Champions

Connect – let’s be social!

Talk to KPBSD: 2021 Career & Education Fair

KPBSD is joining the 2021 Career & Education Fair in Kenai, Alaska. Come and talk to our Human Resource specialists about an opportunity for you!

Mark the date!

Tuesday, September 21, 2021
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Kenai Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center parking lot
11471 Kenai Spur Hwy, Kenai, Alaska 99611

“Get the chance to explore Alaska’s high-growth job market! Meet multiple employers, training and education providers from a variety of industries as well as discover apprenticeship & training opportunities.”

Kenai Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center

Questions? connect with KPBSD Employment on Facebook, call 907-714-8888, go to to see open positions. Plus, substitutes are needed too–you choose your schedule.

Questions: Visit or call (907) 283-1991

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KPBSD Seeks Substitutes!

Begin at the “Substitutes” tab on the KPBSD website

Do you have time and interest to be a substitute in a KPBSD school? It takes a village!

KPBSD Seeks Substitutes—all types of positions are needed!

Substitute PositionsTotal Rate of PayBase Rate of Pay COVID Relief Pandemic Compensation
Teacher (Certified and at least 5 full years of KPBSD teaching experience)$250.00 per day$200.00 per day(based on 8 hour day)+$50.00 per day
Teacher (Certified)$225.00 per day$190.00 per day(based on 8 hour day)+$35.00 per day
Teacher (Non-Certified)$185.00 per day$160.00 per day(based on 8 hour day)+$25.00 per day

Secretary (all clerical)
Custodian/Stock Handler/Theater Crew$15.00/hr.
Deaf ed. Interpreter (Certified/Licensed)$22.00/hr.
Food Service Cashier/Kitchen Assistant/Cook/Manager$14.00/hr.
Aide/Special Education$17.00/hr.
Aide/Instructional Assistant$15.00/hr.
Tutor/Bilingual Instructor$15.00/hr.
Temporary Positions Rate of Pay
Pool EmployeesInstructor/Senior Lifeguard$17.00/hr.
Junior Lifeguard/Cashier$15.00/hr.
Temporary WorkerTemporary employee’s salary placement must be pre-approved by Human Resources prior to start dateMinimum wage* – $17.00/hr.
Activity Bus Driver Two times the Alaska minimum wage**
Temporary Positions Rate of Pay
Pool EmployeesInstructor/Senior Lifeguard$17.00/hr.
Junior Lifeguard/Cashier $15.00/hr.
Temporary WorkerTemporary employee’s salary placement must be pre-approved by Human Resources prior to start dateMinimum wage* – $17.00/hr.
Activity Bus Driver Two times the Alaska minimum wage**

*Pursuant to Alaska Statute 23.10.065(a), the Alaska minimum wage is to be adjusted annually for inflation using the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the proceeding January-December calendar year. The Alaska State minimum wage increased to $10.34 effective January 1, 2021.

**Pursuant to Alaska Statute 23.10.065(b), persons employed as a school bus driver shall receive at least two times the Alaska minimum wage.

Can your neighborhood school recruit YOU?

You choose when you say, “Yes, I can work!”
Teachers: certified and non-certified; Aides; Instructional Assistants; Secretaries and clerical positions; Custodians; Interpreters; Nurses; Pool Employees; Activity Bus Drivers

New Training Opportunity!

  • KPBSD offers one day of on the job training as soon as a substitute has completed requirements to be hired
  • Be paid while shadowing an employee currently in the position for which you may be substituting for!
  • Contact the administrator of the school or schools that you are interested in substituting at for more information. Link to School Directory

Your Future!

Substituting in the KPBSD is a great way to be ready when a permanent position opens!

Apply Online

Begin at the “Substitutes” tab on the KPBSD website

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COVID-19 School Health ECHO for KPBSD Parents

COVID-19 School Health ECHO for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Parents

Date: Thursday evening, August 26, 2021
Time:  5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Webinar link:
Facebook event page link:

This special session is designed for parents of students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District to address questions that they may have related to the safe return to in-person learning this school year.
Experts from the Division of Public Health will provide information on the status of COVID-19 in the local area, clarify the most up-to-date evidence-based guidance (given the Delta variant) on prevention strategies for schools designed to support keeping students in school, and be there to answer parent questions.

Participants are encouraged to submit questions ahead of time here: Link to jotform for questions:

Panelists (updated 3:30; 8/26/21)

Public Health Team: 

  • Dr. Anne Zink, Chief Medical Officer, DHSS (unable to attend)
  • Anna Frick, MPH CIC, DHSS
  • Barbara Pennington, MSN, RN, State School Nurse Consultant, DPH
  • Dr. Coleman Cutchins, DPH
  • Dr. Joe McLaughlin
  • Kami Moore, Department of Education and Early Development
  • Dr. Lisa Rabinowitz, DPH
  • Patricia Owen, DPH

KBPSD Team: 

  • Clayton Holland, Superintendent
  • Melisa Miller, RN, KPBSD Health Services

The recording and resources from this session will be available (24-48 hrs after the event) via this link:

This session is brought to you by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, the Department of Education and Early Development, and the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, in conjunction with the University of Alaska, Center for Human Development ECHO Project.  

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Ms. Myla S. Liljemark named 2021 Alaska History Teacher of the Year

Ms. Myla S. Liljemark, a teacher at Seward Middle School is beginning her seventeenth year as an educator in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, and is the 2021 Alaska History Teacher of the Year! The annual award is presented by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to K-12 American history education.

Ms. Liljemark said, “The word ‘Geschichte’ means ‘history’ in the German language. Geschichte also has another meaning in German. Its other translation is ‘story.’ History is a collection of stories that can be told from the innumerable perspectives that make up the individuals and groups of people that have inhabited our world over time and place. Throughout human history, stories have acted as the sinew that bind us to each other and that help us to better understand who we are. My interest in history is sparked through the exploring and sharing of those stories!”

Liljemark’s fascination with history is closely tied to her experiences living and traveling overseas. She explains, “Witnessing historical events first-hand and seeing the impacts of past events on the lives of people in our world today has helped me to understand the vital importance of historical awareness. In 1989, my family and I moved to Germany where, shortly after our arrival, we witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. Through my family’s visit to Berlin, where we pounded pieces off the Wall, and after witnessing the impacts of reunification on my German neighbors, I became aware of and fascinated by the complexities of history and the impact that historic events, policies, and people can have on a society. This front-row seat to history as well many other experiences that I had over the ten years I spent living in Europe has helped develop my world-view that an understanding of history is key to appreciating the many perspectives that make up our world today.”

This front-row seat to history as well many other experiences that I had over the ten years I spent living in Europe has helped develop my world-view that an understanding of history is key to appreciating the many perspectives that make up our world today.”

Myla S. Liljemark

Parents, students, teachers, and administrators nationwide nominated a record 8,510 teachers for the 2021 History Teacher of the Year Award. Amidst a very competitive field, Ms. Liljemark rose to the top in Alaska. Inaugurated in 2004, the History Teacher of the Year Award highlights the crucial importance of history education by honoring exceptional American history teachers from elementary school through high school. The award honors one K-12 teacher from each state, the District of Columbia, Department of Defense schools and US Territories. In fall 2021, the National History Teacher of the Year will be selected from the 2021 pool of fifty-three finalists for the $10,000 National History Teacher of the Year Award. Ten finalists will be announced on September 9, 2021, and the winner of the national competition will be announced later that month.

Build confidence in students by teaching them to analyze and communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing. Empower students with the skills and knowledge to be involved members of our society and to make a difference in our world.

Myla S. Liljemark

“The advice I would give to my younger self is the same advice that I give to my student teachers,” said Ms. Liljemark. “Always find ways for students to relate to and connect with the content on a personal level. Create opportunities for students to bridge the gap between history and the present day. Globalize your approach to teaching history, as the similarities between societies around the world and over time are more profound than their differences. Build confidence in students by teaching them to analyze and communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing. Empower students with the skills and knowledge to be involved members of our society and to make a difference in our world.”

Finally, her favorite part of each day as a history teacher is “to watch students make connections between the content of our class and the world outside of our classroom. It is rewarding to witness students finding relevance between skills and content explored in class and their own lives.”

Congratulations to Ms. Myla S. Liljemark, the 2021 Alaska History Teacher of the Year! #HTOY

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History


New School Year Welcome!

Superintendent Clayton Holland

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! Our district is very excited to have all of our students, staff, and parents back in school after a tumultuous few years. Our 42 schools are committed to meet the needs of every student, every day. This includes a safe and supportive learning environment for students and staff. Our overall philosophy is to establish strong, positive relationships with all students to provide a high quality learning experience. We take these responsibilities very seriously and look forward to working with our staff, students, parents and guardians, and diverse communities to fulfill these commitments.

All of us at KPBSD will focus to keep everyone informed with current issues and information. The COVID-19 mitigation plan to ensure safety for everyone, and to keep each school open for onsite learning is updated for this year. We are committed to work closely with state and local leaders to develop a long-term fiscal plan that makes sure our children are the highest priority. The year the KPBSD focus is on literacy; academic achievement; social and emotional learning (SEL); and positive relationships.

At the district office, I am pleased to welcome Ms. Kari Dendurent, the new Assistant Superintendent; Mr. Eric Pederson, Director of Elementary Education; and Mr. Tony Graham, Director of Secondary Education. We welcome back our teachers, instructional aides, nurses, custodians, secretaries, bus drivers, and food service professionals—they are the backbone of our district’s success. Join me with a warm welcome to new school administrators:

Mr. Greg Melvin, (AP), Connections Homeschool

Ms. Meghan Redmond, Homer Middle School

Mr. Dan Beck, Kenai Central High School

Mr. Ken Felchle, (AP), Kenai Middle School

Ms. Hannah Dolphin (AP), Mountain View Elementary

Ms. Penny Bearden, Nanwalek School

Mr. Shane Bostic; Mr. Mike Crain (AP), Nikiski Middle-High School

Mrs. Jenna Fabian, Nikiski North Star Elementary

Mr. Jerry Stapleton, Paul Banks Elementary

Mr. Eric Hart, Port Graham School

Dr. Michael Sturm, Razdolna School

Mr. Henry Burns, Seward High School

Mr. Matt Potter, Seward Middle School

Ms. Jill DuFloth; Ms. Shonia Werner (AP), Skyview Middle School

Mr. Sarge Truesdell, Soldotna High School:

Mr. Scott Jonsson, Susan B. English School, Seldovia

Ms. Christy Gomez, Tebughna School

Parents and community members are invited volunteer in the schools and become involved in partnerships to support students. Schools need the help of parents and community members in order to be successful with every child. It is also critical for young people to know that their parents, guardians, relatives, and friends are supportive of their schooling process. A student without this support may, at times, feel at a loss to find the necessary focus to excel in their learning.

I hope to see you in the coming months and wish you a great start to school. Join me as I travel throughout the district this year to schools and to meet our communities. Connect with the KPBSD through our mobile app, and on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. We look forward to an outstanding year!


Clayton Holland, Superintendent of Schools

KPBSD 2021-2022 Administrators and District Leadership Team
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New! KPBSD 100% Remote Learning Option

News Release

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will offer a districtwide 100% Remote Learning option during the 2021-2022 school year. The new learning option will provide remote education to support the learning needs of KPBSD students and their families who have concerns about attending their neighborhood school in person during the pandemic. The districtwide 100% Remote option begins August 17, 2021, and is open to students in grades 1-12.

Districtwide 100% Remote Learning is a teacher facilitated, parent supported program that is a blend of online curriculum and synchronous virtual connection with the learning community.

How-to Enroll

  • Students in Grades 1-12 will enroll for school at their neighborhood school, but tell the school secretary that they are selecting the KPBSD 100% Remote Learning option
  • Students will have an option to transfer back to their home school during certain dates based on grade level*
  • When parents and guardians choose to enroll their children in remote learning, it is 100% remote. There is not an option to join neighborhood school classes simultaneously
  • After enrolling, the 100% Remote school will contact families with a greeting and introduction to remote learning that is specific to the grade level enrollment of the student
  • On Monday, August 16, 2021, a new 100% Remote Learning website will be live and provide additional information

Districtwide Remote Learning Options

Elementary: Grades 1-6

Elementary 100% Remote Learning is a teacher facilitated and parent supported effort that will utilize the curriculum of Edmentum.

  • Edmentum will provide targeted instruction in core subjects
  • KPBSD remote instruction teachers will augment the curriculum by monitoring progress and targeting needed student support
  • Community building and project based learning from the teacher will support students in their learning journey

Note: this will be different from the way the 100% Remote Learning option was delivered from the neighborhood school during the 2020-2021 school year.

Middle School: Grades 7-8

Skyview Middle School will offer synchronous classes delivered from Skyview Middle School teachers. Students will enroll in their neighborhood school, and select the KPBSD 100% Remote Learning option.

  • Educators will teach 100% Remote instruction for both the 7th and 8th grade sections of the core classes: math, science, English Language Arts, and social studies
  • 100% Remote middle school students and families will follow the Skyview Middle School bell schedule

*Enrollment transfer dates between 100% Remote and the neighborhood school for elementary and middle school grades 1-6 are: August 10–27, 2021; October 18–22, 2021; January 3-7, 2022; and March 14-18, 2022

High School: Grades 9-12

KPBSD Distance Education and VTC classes will be utilized for 100% Remote learners.

  • Students will enroll in their neighborhood school.
  • The school will identify the student as remote and enroll the student in the appropriate KPBSD online classes. 

*Enrollment transfer dates between 100% Remote and the neighborhood school for high school grades 9-12 are: August 10-27, 2021; and January 3-7, 2022


  • Principal Rich Bartolowits will be the 100% Remote Learning administrator. Email
  • Website: On Monday, August 16, 2021, a KPBSD 100% Remote Learning website will be live and provide additional information. Go to the homepage for the link
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KPBSD COVID-19 Mitigation Plan Update

News Release

Soldotna, August 12, 2021—The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is looking forward to school beginning on August 17, 2021, and has some important updates to the layered mitigation plan designed to keep students and staff safe during the ongoing pandemic, and high community spread of the Delta variant.

Everyone can find the most current KPBSD mitigation plan in the COVID-19 web hub, or on the State of Alaska website.

A few highlights in the layered mitigation plan:

  • Face Coverings: The KPBSD highly recommends all students and staff to wear a face-covering while indoors. All visitors and volunteers must wear a face covering when indoors during the academic school day.

  • Symptom Free Schools: Families and staff can help keep schools healthy. A person should stay home if they have any symptoms of illness, and potentially test for COVID-19.

  • Physical Distancing: Student cohorts, pods, and physical distancing of six feet will be encouraged while working and learning with others in school buildings.

  • Bus Transportation: Face coverings are required for everyone who rides a bus to and from school or a co-curricular activity. (U.S. Department of Transportation mandate.)

To learn about additional layered safety measures including handwashing and good respiratory etiquette; cleaning and building ventilation; contact tracing; diagnostic and screening testing; vaccination opportunities; and sports and activities, please review the KPBSD mitigation plan.

Helpful Links

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