KPBSD Seeks Substitutes!

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Do you have time and interest to be a substitute in a KPBSD school? It takes a village!

KPBSD Seeks Substitutes—all types of positions are needed!

You choose when you say, “Yes, I can work!”
Teachers: certified and non-certified; Aides; Instructional Assistants; Secretaries and clerical positions; Custodians; Interpreters; Nurses; Pool Employees; Activity Bus Drivers

Can your neighborhood school recruit YOU?

Substitute wages were increased at the June 2020 Board of Education Meeting to be competitive with the other school districts.

Substitute Positions Rate of Pay
Teacher (Certified) $150.00 per day (based on 8 hour day)
Teacher (Non-Certified) $130.00 per day (based on 8 hour day)
Secretary (all clerical) $13.00/hr.
Custodian/Stock Handler/Theater Crew $13.00/hr
Deaf Ed. Interpreter (Certified/Licensed) $20.00/hr.
Food Service Cashier/Kitchen Assistant/Cook/Manager $13.00/hr.
Aide/Instructional Assistant $13.00/hr.
Tutor/Bilingual Instructor $13.00/hr.
Nurse $20.00/hr.
Temporary Positions Rate of Pay
Pool Employees Instructor/Senior Lifeguard $15.00/hr.
Junior Lifeguard/Cashier $13.00/hr.
Temporary Worker Temporary employee’s salary placement must be pre-approved by Human Resources prior to start date minimum wage* – $15.00/hr.
Activity Bus Driver   Two times the Alaska minimum wage**

New Training Opportunity!

  • KPBSD offers one day of on the job training as soon as a substitute has completed requirements to be hired
  • Be paid while shadowing an employee currently in the position for which you may be substituting for!
  • Contact the administrator of the school or schools that you are interested in substituting at for more information. Link to School Directory

Your Future!

Substituting in the KPBSD is a great way to be ready when a permanent position opens!

Apply Online

Begin at the “Substitutes” tab on the KPBSD website

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