Isaiah Trevino, Kenai Alternative School #ClassOf2018

Kenai Alt School Isaiah Trevino

Isaiah Trevino
Kenai Alternative School, Class of 2018

Isaiah Trevino is one of the twenty-five graduates to walk the handshaking, hugs, and celebration line at Kenai Alternative’s graduation ceremony in 2018. Two years ago, Isaiah came to Kenai Alternative looking for a different school environment. The shorter rotation schedule offered him the opportunity to grow and achieve in his classes, and it was not long before he started taking leadership roles within the school community. Isaiah would often speak up at the daily morning meetings to encourage other students to arrive to school on time, and get their grades up. As time grew closer towards graduation, Isaiah began developing his post-secondary plans. In the fall, he plans to move to New Mexico where he will start working and attending school. Principal Loren Reese said, “We look forward to hearing great things about his future successes!”

Kenai Alt Class of 2018

Kenai Alternative School

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