Mind A-Mazes: Fantastic Flight

Fifty-eight student teams from twenty-two schools designed, built, and flew paper airplanes on Saturday, October 8, 2011, in the annual KPBSD Mind A-Mazes contest sponsored by Quest.

A KPBSD problem-solving competition, 3 to 4 students work in a team to solve a long-term problem, prior to the competition. In addition, the day of the competition, a spontaneous problem is presented for teams to solve in a short period of time. A dedicated blog, hosted on our KPBSD servers provides an opportunity for students to ask questions, receive and post answers, and demonstrate collaboration in action.

The 2011 Long-term  Fantastic Flight problem instructions:
Teams will design and create paper devices that will be used to earn points by performing a series of tasks. Devices will be constructed for competition at the time of the event, using paper that will be provided. Students will not be allowed to bring any devices that were constructed prior to the event into the competition area. Up to five different devices may be constructed during the competition and will be used for attempting the following flight challenges: Distance; Flight Duration; Accuracy; and Altitude.

Congratulations to the 2011 Winning Teams and Schools

Junior Division (4th-6th grade)
1. West Homer – “The Paper Bombers”
2. Nikiski Middle/High – “Flying Bacon Strips”
3. Mc Neil Canyon – “McNeil Canyon 4”
Judges Choice – Nikiski North Star – “The Flaming Hawks”
Spontaneous –  West Homer – “Ernie Airlines”

Intermediate/ Senior Division (7th-12th grade)
1. Hope – “Ice Cream Ninjas”
2. Kenai Middle – “The Firebolts”
3. Nikiski Middle/High – “Mach 5”
Judges Choice – River City Academy – “Angry Birds”
Spontaneous –  Ninilchik – “Team Wilcow”

Thank you to Soldotna Middle School, and all the students, educators, volunteers, and families who participated this year in the district-wide Mind A-Mazes academic program.

Please share a comment here, and view photographs or add yours to the Mind A-Mazes photo album on the KPBSD district Facebook page.

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