PSA: Safety Precaution Reminder

October 14, 2011: PSA: Safety Precaution Reminder

Parental supervision requested for children at bus stops, and while walking and biking to and from school.

KPBSD reminds parents and guardians not to leave young children unattended at bus stops. Ideally, children should walk and bike to school in groups. Children are reminded to report any suspicious behavior to their parents or an adult in charge, who in turn should contact their respective school. The safety of our students is paramount.

On October 3, a group of students from Kā€”Beach Elementary School reported that they were approached at a bus stop after school, and asked if they needed a ride. As a precaution, this incidence was reported to the school administration and the State Troopers. KPBSD alerted First Student bus transportation on October 4.

On October 14, school administrators at Mountain View Elementary School were informed by students that they were approached by an adult at varying times both before and after school, during prior days. The Kenai Police department was contacted October 14, and determined the stories to be false and unsubstantiated.

Please contact the Kenai Police Department or the State Troopers if you have questions about either of these reports.

As a school district, we are committed to maintaining safe schools. This is a team effort between parents, students, schools, the community, and law enforcement. Providing all students with a safe learning environment is our top priority.

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