Great Grocery Grab at Redoubt Elementary

Kids and adults raced Redoubt Elementary halls today…for a good cause!

Principal John Pothast competed against Superintendent Steve Atwater to see who could race the hallways, pushing grocery carts, fill them with cans of food donated by students, and get back to starting position, first.

Dr. Atwater won the blue ribbon for time, wearing his speedy sneakers and sporting a tie headband. Principal Podhast was slowed a bit by his hat of swinging eggs, and a wobbly cart wheel. In the end–everyone wins, as more than one thousand pounds of food is collected for the Food Bank.

The sound was deafening–truly–as children lined the hallways ready to hand off their cans. The littlest kids screamed the loudest in hallways where usually only soft whispers are heard. It’s a good cause to shout out for–providing canned food to the Kenai Peninsula Food Bank.

Thank you Redoubt Elementary! You bring fun and food to our community and help others.

Watch for a story in the local newspaper–last Friday Borough Mayor Mike Navarre competed with Soldotna Mayor Peter Micciche.

See more photos in the Redoubt Elementary photo album.

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