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Advisory Committee recommendations for Soldotna schools 7-12 grade reconfiguration

Soldotna, November 8, 2013—The Soldotna area 7-12 grade schools Advisory Committee completed its work and presented recommendations to the KPBSD Board of Education during a work session on November 4, 2013.

Last spring, the school board voted to reconfigure the three Soldotna area secondary schools which set in motion a series of events to address the details of what needed to be in place for these schools at the start of the FY15 school year. One of these events was the administration’s creation of an advisory committee. This committee was tasked with making recommendations on school names, school colors, school mascots and suggestions on how to address the pending changes in school cultures.

This committee’s work is complete, and Doug Hayman, Transitions Coordinator, presented the following recommendations to the school board on November 4, 2013, during a work session. Consensus by the Advisory Committee was reached on the following topics:

  • The 7-8 grade middle school be named Skyview Middle School
  • The 7-8 grade middle school mascot be a Panther
  • The ninth grade school be named Soldotna Prep
  • Two 10-12 grade high school name possibilities are Soldotna High School or Soldotna Central High School
  • The ninth grade school and 10-12 grade high school mascots both be a Star
  • The available colors for all three schools be blue, purple, black and white. (This palette opens the possibility but does not require additions of complementary highlights.)
  • The committee recommends that the current student body of each of the three schools, with the guidance of staff, develop and plan the transfer and preservation of all cultural and historic elements.

“I am pleased that the advisory committee accomplished so much and I want to thank each member for their positive, can-do approach toward their committee membership,” said Dr. Atwater, Superintendent. “Now that the committee’s recommendations have been made, it is important to dispel the misinformation that large sums of money will be required for next steps. As necessary, the district will change small items, e.g., signs in front of a school, but will not commit to large cosmetic changes, e.g., changing the gym floor. I encourage everyone to look forward to the benefits that the students will receive from this reconfiguration. We have an excellent secondary staff at our three schools who will do all that they can to ensure that the transition to the new schools will be smooth.”

Thank you to Soldotna Schools Reconfiguration Advisory Committee
Community and Parent Representatives: Michelle Blackwell; Lynne Carter; Dale Dolifka; Michael Gallagher; Roxanne Miller

Skyview High School: Paul Kupferschmid, site council; Darren Jones, staff; Austin Laber, student

Soldotna High School: Kathy Gensel, site council; Troy Minogue, staff; Kelci Benson, student
Soldotna Middle School: Krista Arthur, site council; Joel Burns, staff; Jode Sparks, student

Doug Hayman, Transitions Facilitator

 School reconfiguration

  • Soldotna area 7-8th grade students will be housed at the existing Skyview High School
  • Soldotna area 9th grade students will be housed at the existing Soldotna Middle School
  • River City Academy (7-12) will be moved to the existing Soldotna Middle School
  • Soldotna area 10-12 grade students will be housed at the existing Soldotna High School



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News Release: 2013_11_08 Soldotna area schools Advisory Committee recommendations to KPBSD school board

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