Student highlight: Kiowa Richardson, River City Academy

Kiowa Richardson, River City Academy (RCS) senior, appointed to the United States Air Force Academy

Kiowa RichardsonRiver City Academy is proud to announce the appointment of RCA’s Class of 2014 Valedictorian, Kiowa M. Richardson, to the United States Air Force Academy. Kiowa has been selected from an elite applicant list of over 9,700 candidates to become a select member of United States Air Force Academy Class of 2018. This prestigious appointment is offered to only approximately 1,200 nominees and valued at over $400,000. It is also the most recent in a long list of accomplishments for this fine young person.

Over a year ago, Kiowa began the intense process of preparing herself for the Congressional Nomination required for application to the USAFA. As part of this process, Kiowa was selected to attend the USAFA Junior Diversity Visitation Program in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During this experience, she gained first hand exposure to the daily life of a USAFA cadet and returned with a renewed commitment to the Academy. This commitment paid off in her recent appointment.

Outside of her commitment to the USAFA, Kiowa has also demonstrated her commitment to her education, school and community over the course of her career at RCA. Kiowa joined River City Academy during her 8th grade year, when RCA first expanded to include middle school grades. During these past five years, she has worked to shape the culture of RCA, as well as expanding her own horizons both inside and outside of school. Kiowa can be relied on as a member of the leadership team at RCA and is a co-teacher of the RCA Batik class during our January Interims. Over the past years, Kiowa has received numerous awards and acknowledgments of her extensive talents, including first place finishes in the Annual RCA Poetry Slam, the Kenai Peninsula Writers Contest, and numerous Superior District Medallions in fine arts. Outside of school, Kiowa published her book, “The Christmas Kangaroo” at age 14 and has attained the Silver Award in Girl Scouts. She also devotes a considerable amount of her free time to volunteering at local service agencies and with her church.

The staff and students at River City Academy and Kiowa’s family are very pleased to share in her most recent accomplishment and are anxious to see Kiowa’s vast talents shared on the larger stage of this elite military academy.

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