FAQs: Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) Assessment

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Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) Assessment FAQs

Soldotna, April 2, 2015—The annual student assessment required by state law to meet federal requirements takes place for our students in grades 3 through 10 between March 30 and May 1, 2015. In 2015, the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP) assessment replaced the Standards Based Assessment (SBA). With AMP, students will take two tests—English language arts and math–instead of three, with fewer questions overall.*

Several questions have been asked about the type of data and personal information that is collected in the AMP assessment—it is the same as has been collected by SBAs and other state assessments since 2005. To note:

  • “Basic student information and student test scores are collected. Basic student information includes the student’s name, Alaska student ID number, and specific demographic information. EED does not collect sensitive information such as physical addresses, mailing addresses, or Social Security numbers.”*
  • “No data about individual students is ever given to the federal government. No data is sold to companies.”*
  • “Individual student test data is provided to the student’s school district to inform instruction. Only authorized school district staff that have a legitimate educational interest (such as the student’s teacher or principal) may see a student’s data.”*

Please contact your school principal with any questions or concerns about the AMP assessment.

April 2015: AMP FAQ sheet from KPBSD

 *LINKS from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development

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