Golden pompoms recognize exemplary actions

Sterling Elementary upgraded its Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBiS) system! Students who appropriately follow expectations are provided pompoms as recognition. Sterling staff hand out hundreds of pompoms per week to students who follow expectations! This year, Sterling started the “Golden Pompom” for students who exemplify those expectations on a daily basis over an extended period of time. Three staff members per day are given the golden pompom to recognize students. Students don’t know which teachers have the gold, and thus it requires all students to follow all expectations, all the time, because they never know when they could receive a golden pompom.

Sterling Elementary Golden PomPom recipients

Sterling Elementary Golden PomPom recognition

When given the golden pompom, the staff member tells the student specifically why they are receiving it. The student comes to the principal with the golden pompom and gets to turn it in for a small prize such as a pencil or an eraser. The student signs the “Golden Pompom Celebrity Log” and then the principal and the student call home to share the exciting news!

Students and parents alike have been excited about the golden pompom. Students revel in the additional recognition for following the expectations and parents love the positive phone calls home from the principal!

On January 5, 2015, Sterling Elementary participated in the re-teaching of our PBiS school wide expectations. Each teacher pre-taught the school’s expectation in his or her own classroom and then was paired with primary or intermediate to go to the following areas: cafeteria, playground, bathrooms, and lobby for arrival and departure routines to reinforce those in class lessons. At the end of the day, we had an assembly where we reviewed assembly expectations, bus expectations, and celebrated our November and December Super Star classes of the month for attendance and giving! It was a great day of relearning appropriate school behaviors!

Story contributed by Denise Kelly, Principal, Sterling Elementary

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