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The district is facing a fiscal gap for our 2016-2017 budget. We are prioritizing the programs and services we will be able to offer in our schools. The district may need to make difficult decisions depending upon the level of funding we receive from the state and borough. I encourage the public to use this meeting as an opportunity to learn about this fiscal reality, and to think in terms of what we can do differently to produce a balanced budget. – Sean Dusek, superintendent


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Action # 1: Review facts and figures
Click to read the October 15, 2015 PowerPoint KPBSD FY17 Budget Development Meeting Presentation by Sean Dusek, superintendent, and Dave Jones, assistant superintendent of instructional support. And, you might want to navigate to this page to watch a video of the presentation–it’s a link in the FY17 budget development section.

Action # 2: Learn what site councils asked and see summary from October 15, 2015
Review site council questions from the October 15, 2015 discussion and KPBSD administration responses, together with a summary of site council feedback from the budget development meeting discussions and ideas. Both of these documents were presented to the school board on November 3, 2015, during a worksession.

Action # 3: What do you think?
Contribute your thoughts about the KPBSD budget and offer feedback about areas of the budget that can be reduced or should be expanded, and suggestions about solutions to our funding shortfalls. What matters, what doesn’t?
 Contribute your ideas to KPBSD: Online public comment form. Responses will be collected and shared with the board of education in November and December, 2015.

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