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Tustumena Elementary is a small school in a diverse, supportive community. Students learn in an individualized, positive, accommodating, and caring environment. Tustumena Elementary is an ideal school. Our students and community greatly benefit from all staff member’s efforts. Their dedication to education is so very apparent. We are so fortunate and appreciative to have such an exception school!

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On a typical Day at Tustumena Elementary, students and families are greeted outside by our Principal, Mr. Hayman. No matter rain, snow, or shine, he is always there with a familiar smile. The day begins with morning announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance. Students transitioning in the hallways are often observed respectfully pausing to say the Pledge.

Many positive observations can be made by peering into our primary classrooms. Students are actively participating in circle time. A soft chorus of voices can be heard reading out loud. Examples of student’s creativity are proudly displayed. Students are engaged, and eager to learn here.

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In the intermediate wing, students can be seen enthusiastically taking part in hands on learning activities. Students are encouraged to participate in classroom discussions. Artwork and writing samples adorn the hallways and classroom walls. Intermediate students mentor younger students in our Buddy Reader program. This greatly encourages our younger students to enjoy reading. This also inspires leadership skills. Students are often observed helping and encouraging each other.

Fun, educational field trips are taken throughout the year. Kindergarteners visit the animal hospital and forestry department. First graders visit the hospital to learn about different medical occupations. Second graders visit local museums which correlate with their grade level history lessons. The fourth grade class participates in an “egg take” at Anchor River. They collect salmon eggs to raise, and they learn about life cycles. The fifth grade class travels to Seward to tour the Sea Life Center. They also hike to Exit Glacier to see and observe various geologic features. The sixth grade takes an overnight fieldtrip by boat to Peterson Bay. They observe and learn about tide pool habitats.

School Enrichment Model (SEM) classes teach and inspire our students with a variety of activities. Recent classes include: yoga, karate, grains and bread baking, spices, and fly tying. These classes encourage students to explore new areas of interest, and discover new talents.

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Students are encouraged to volunteer here and their participation plays a significant role in success of school fundraisers. With the support and guidance of our PTO, our students get to see the benefits of their dedication and hard work, (which also instils good work ethics) during the fieldtrips and special events that are funded by these efforts.

Here at Tustumena, we are fortunate to have a dedicated group of parents. They lend us their individual talents. On any given day, volunteers are seen reading with students, helping with art projects, leading SEM classes, fundraising, creating bulletin boards, and participating in class parties and events. Community involvement is encouraged, and our school strongly benefits from it!

A typical day at Tustumena ends with a bustle of activity in the lobby. Students greet their families and excitedly fill them in on their day. Teachers and staff wave and wish them all well as they part ways.

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