Green flag time at Kenai Alternative School #race

Every spring, Kenai Alternative School students in Wade Marcuson’s Physical Science class have the opportunity to race their cars as fast as they can. These aren’t just any car mind you. These are the CO2 cars that the students designed and built themselves. After covering the concepts of gas expansion, inertia, mass, force, and friction, students begin to design their cars. Each student then shapes their car out of wood and finishes it off with a custom paint job. When race day comes, cars from every shape, design, and color that mind could image are lined up. With this event taking place in the school gym, the entire staff and student body join in cheering on their favorite car as they race down the sixty foot track that is guided with monofilament fishing line.

This year’s race is scheduled to take place in late March when students return from spring break. The school’s principal, Loren Reese, whom over the years has held the position of race starter, said, “this year’s cars will prove to be just as exciting. Students have put a great deal of work and pride into their cars.” Without a doubt, this has become a tradition that looks to continue for the years ahead.


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