Jenna Kilcher | Homer Flex School #ClassOf2016

Jenna Kilcher, Homer Flex School

2016 Jenna Kilcher second from left

Jenna Kilcher, Homer Flex School Class of 2016

When Jenna Kilcher enrolled at Homer Flex School, she was behind on credits and questioning the role education would play in her life. This year, she graduated with the Class of 2016, became a Certified Registered Nurse, and is determined to further her education and continue her path in the medical field. Jenna’s transformation from reluctant learner to head of her class came with a lot of hard work and determination, but with the support of her family, she persevered. Next year, she hopes to continue this trend at the Kenai Peninsula College. and eventually the University of Alaska, Anchorage.

Homer Flex School

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