KPBSD Key Communicator Collaboration

On February 7, 2017, a KPBSD Key Communicator Collaboration with more than seventy participants met at the Challenger Learning Center, in Kenai, Alaska.

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Attendees: School board members, Key Communicators, site council representatives, leadership team, students, regional principals, community partners

Purpose: Collaborate with key people in our schools to talk about issues KPBSD faces this year, reflect on what we are doing well, ask questions, give administration a perspective, and grow advocates for KPBSD public education

KPBSD Key Communicators
KPBSD formed a network of people who are interested in our schools in order to cultivate positive relationships with the school district and in our diverse communities. Conversations happen every day in school parking lots, at the grocery store, via social media, and in everyday ordinary life interactions. At times, people of all ages who care about public education want facts about issues in order to communicate effectively with community leaders, each other, and elected officials. Our KPBSD Key Communicators are informed about school district initiatives, issues, and celebrations through responses to questions, email messages, media releases, and e-newsletters from district office communications–and have an open line of communication with district leadership to ask questions and express concerns and celebrations in the school district.  Together we will broaden community advocates and share our #golden stories.

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