Departing KPBSD after fifteen plus years

KPBSD appreciates dedicated staff who will retire or depart this year

“This is a bittersweet time of year with our staff. It is a time to celebrate the successes and growth we’ve all experienced throughout the district. It is also a time for transition. We are losing some excellent educators and support staff, and while it is sad they are leaving the district, it is also a time to be thankful for their contributions and also wish them well on their next adventure. So, thanks and best of luck goes to all our retirees and staff moving on to other adventures. You will be missed!” – Sean Dusek, Superintendent

2017 Retiree well wishes

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District appreciates the commitment and service these employees contributed, each with fifteen or more years in the school district. Each of you has made a difference, THANK YOU!

  • Rosemary Bird, Kenai Middle School, Choir and Home Economics Teacher, 37 years
  • Teri Zopf-Schoessler, Soldotna High School, English and Drama Teacher, 33 years
  • Leobof Dorvall, Nikolaevsk School, ELL Tutor and Food Service Manager I-S, 32 years
  • Daniel Hastings, Student Nutrition Services, Districtwide Kitchen Manager, 31 years
  • Mo Sanders, Montessori Charter School, Administrator, 30 years
  • Kenneth Roser, Kenai Middle School, Physical Education and Health Teacher, 30 years
  • Daniel Calhoun, Homer Middle School, Math Teacher, 30 years
  • Linda Raemaker, Soldotna High School, Social Studies Teacher, 29 years
  • Bill Noomah, McNeil Canyon Elementary School, Fifth Grade Teacher, 28 years
  • Marilyn Dvorak, Homer Flex and West Homer Elementary, Custodian I, Food Service Cashier, 28 years
  • Phyllis Halstead, Kenai Alternative High School, School Secretary II, 27 years
  • Eric Benson, Paul Banks Elementary School, Head Custodian II, 26 years
  • Jean Calhoun, West Homer Elementary School, School Secretary III, 26 years
  • Pamela Howard, Tebughna School, School Nurse, 26 years
  • Catherine Patterson, Sterling Elementary School, Food Service Manager I-S, 26 years
  • Katie Blossom, Tustumena Elementary School, Kindergarten Teacher, 25 years
  • David Fischer, Kenai Middle School, Math and Science Teacher, 25 years
  • Michele Stenger, Kachemak-Selo, Kindergarten and  First grade Teacher, 25 years
  • Laurie Olson, District Office, Director of Finance, 24 years
  • Teresa Dalebout, Soldotna Prep School, Special Education Aide, 24 years
  • Stuart Laurion, Soldotna High School, Special Education Aide, 23 years
  • Martha Shirley, Skyview Middle School, Special Education Resource Teacher, 22 years
  • Penny Duncan, Seward High School, Head Custodian III, 22 years
  • Laurie Martin, Paul Banks Elementary School, Second Grade Teacher, 20 years
  • Dolan “Wayne” Cowan, Kenai Middle School, Head Custodian II, 20 years
  • Mary Helminski, Redoubt Elementary School, School Secretary III, 20 years
  • Diane Ames, Nikiski North Star Elementary School, Food Service Cashier, Kitchen Assistant, 19 years
  • Barbara Njaa, Central Peninsula Area Schools, ELL Tutor, 18 years
  • Carol Boehmler, Sterling Elementary School, Third and Fourth Grade Teacher, 17 years
  • David Kingsland, Seward Elementary School, Administrator, 17 years
  • Teri Diamond, Soldotna Elementary School, Administrator, 17 years
  • Janet Szajkowski, Connections Home School Program, Generalist Teacher, 16 years
  • Kimberly Johnson, Chapman School, Second Grade Teacher, 15 years
  • Andrea Fischer, Kenai Middle School, Food Service Manager I-S, 15 years

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