Gavin Elvsaas | Susan B. English School #Classof2017

Gavin Elvsaas
Susan B. English School
Class of 2017

Susan B English Gavin Elvsaas

Gavin Elvsaas grew up in Seldovia and is part of the graduating class of 2017 at Susan B. English School, the same school from which her mother, aunts and uncles, cousins, and other relatives graduated. She is a self-possessed, kind-hearted, and passionate girl who has made her family and community proud.

During her sophomore year, she made some choices that left her unable to earn the credits she needed for that year. Instead of being discouraged, she came back to school the next year with a plan and the determination to work hard and catch up so that she could graduate with her class. Her grades her last two years have been excellent and prove that she allows her past mistakes to inform her future choices so she can be successful. Gavin is responsible and curious by nature, and enjoys reading the news and following politics. Because she seeks to live by her convictions and do what she thinks is best not just for herself, but the world around her, Gavin has chosen to eat a vegan diet for the past few years, not an easy choice for a teenager growing up in a semi-remote town with limited grocery options. She is brave, sensitive, thoughtful, and strong, and she understands who she is and constantly looks out for others.

As a K-12 school, Susan B. English provides opportunities for students to become leaders and role models for much younger students, and Gavin is both. She worked as a classroom aide in the K-6 class this year, helping kids with their reading and math. She has earned her Emergency Trauma Technician certificate and aced her anatomy class, and she plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

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