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Terence Paul Swenning
Nanwalek School
Class of 2017

Nanwalek School Terence Paul Swenning s

Terence Paul Swenning is an inspiring graduate with exceptional determination, talent, and perseverance. Rather than taking a solely academic route through his schooling, Terence has demonstrated the ability to finish school with attention to academics, artistry, and athletics. Balanced with determination, Terence moves into the world with energy and independence.

Terence was eager to finish school and move into his adult life, and succeeded in earning his diploma a semester early. Spring semester was spent working for the Nanwalek IRA Council, and creating a business plan for his next adventure.

An ambitious young man, Terence plans to move to California to start a business selling t-shirts with his own artistic designs. He is currently putting his mind to the finances of this endeavor, seeking small business loans, and making necessary contacts in California. This independent means of making a living will allow him to pursue professional skateboarding.

Throughout school, Terence was known as a strong reader, a talented artist, a natural musician, and an active skateboarder.

Terence went about these talents gently, but firmly. Although students and staff know Terence as a quiet student, we have always been clear that he has a strong voice and a determination.

Terence is a driven young man, and his work ethic is very strong. To put the necessary pieces in place to move from the rural village of Nanwalek with 275 residents to the large state of California and start a small business to compliment his talents and lifestyle is remarkable. Everyone in Nanwalek will be watching to see his plan unfold!

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