KPBSD Wednesday Inspiration: Megan Mazurek, #Classof2005

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“There’s something satisfying with meeting daily deadlines and starting fresh the next day.”

–Ms. Megan Mazurek, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District graduate, Class of 2005, Nikiski Middle-High School, and KTVA 11 News Anchor in Anchorage, Alaska.

Only 150 miles by road, and 20 minutes by plane from where she attended school at Nikiski North Star Elementary and Nikiski Middle-High School, Megan Mazurek is now a familiar face in households bringing us the evening news at 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 PM Monday through Friday, on the CBS Affiliate news station in Anchorage. Mazurek is proud to share stories about people making a difference and challenging news coverage. She explains, “Every day is different. It’s filled with new stories, new people and new challenging coverage. I get to meet with new people who are helping make a difference in our community. At the end of every day I have proof of all the hard work our team has put together in a broadcast.”

As a young girl, she was active in dance, which became a building block into her now very public role as a television news anchor with a camera trained on her to broadcast body language and every word she speaks to thousands of viewers. A graduate of University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minor in Art History, Megan is only a few classes away from completing her Master in Business Administration from the University of Alaska Anchorage. The UAA College of Business and Public Policy provides learners with perspectives and skills needed to assume significant leadership and managerial roles.

Advice to her younger self or a K-12 student from a 2018 perspective:

“What you may be interested in now will not necessarily be what you make into a career later; however it will teach you valuable lessons in other ways! I was very involved in dance growing up, and though I didn’t go on to teach, I used what I learned about being in front of an audience as a building block to working in front of a camera.”

Service and care for others:

Megan does not stop at only reporting about people making a difference in our communities, she is involved. When asked what issue or organization grabs her heart of care and concern, she replies,

“I’m actively involved with the Abused Women’s Aid In Crisis Shelter (AWAIC) in Anchorage. It provides a safe place for women, children and sometimes men when they are in a dangerous situation or may not have anywhere else to go. This year I did my first Sleep Out with the Covenant House of Alaska, which offers a safe place and resources for homeless and trafficked youth. I helped to raise $1 million, a record amount for the annual Sleep Out Champion event!”

Connect with Megan Mazurek every evening on KTVA, or through social media

Jacob Doth, one of her teachers said, “Dance was her life in high school. Her talent matched her determination and you can see that her hard working, never give up attitude is continuing to aid in her blessed life!”

KPBSD celebrates Ms. Mazurek who is proof positive of the KPBSD mission to empower all learners to positively shape their futures.

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