KPBSD Graduate Inspiration: Scott Davis, Kenai Central High School #ClassOf1977

KPBSD Inspiration, Scott Davis, Kenai Central High School Class of 1977

Currently the president and owner of Davis Block Company, Scott purchased part of the company he owns and runs in 1978, right out of high school. Davis says, “When I graduated from high school I was ready to make a living immediately, and I could not wait to start making money. My generation was mostly self-sufficient by the end of high school, and I was especially, as the youngest of five who came along as my parents turned 40 years old. I think my path was pre-determined by an opportunity given to me by my parents: my father was having health problems and selling two different companies he had originally started, one of them was the beginnings of Davis Block.”

Scott Davis KPBSD graduate profile

Davis was a student at Soldotna Elementary, Sterling Elementary, and Soldotna Junior High, but his experiences in the only central peninsula high school provided him a foundation. Davis explains,

“My time in the vocational building at KCHS gave me the skills and confidence to buy into a business at 17 years old. There are good paying jobs awaiting qualified workers in the trades. Welder, mechanics, roustabouts, equipment operators, truck drivers and the list goes on. There is a global shortage of skilled labor. I believe there is an incredible need to give our youth the opportunity to learn a trade if they choose not to further their education with college.”

Mr. Carlson, an auto-shop class instructor inspired the young Davis, who later asked Scott to be his assistant and help teach younger students, a standout experience that influenced his career path. Davis says, “In Mr. Carlson’s class, we could bring our car into class and learn as we fixed its problems. I was able to compete in a statewide trouble-shooting contest with what I learned from his class. Winning this placed me on a list that offered me multiple job offers while still in school. Another teacher I connected with was Mr. Alexander who taught drafting in the same building. He was tough on you if he thought you did not give it your best, but was kind with praise when you did.”

A seven-time Iron Dog champion, Davis has learned from many obstacles in his business and on the trail. He believes, “Most, if not all, obstacles are just a problem that needs to be solved and can be overcome with hard work and never giving up. The art of negotiation and compromise is important—I think owning your own business forces this on you. ‘The buck stops here’ gives you very little choice but to solve the problems.”

“Watching my company ‘hitting on all 8 cylinders’ so to speak,” is a favorite aspect of his work. He says, “When all the hard work, trials, tribulations, and RISK pay off and you can see the results of your vision it’s a win. I am proud to give responsibility to my staff and see them succeed without me. I am lucky to have family involved in my business. It is not always the easiest thing much of the time, but it is rewarding when I see my son running large portions of the company, or I am problem solving with my spouse. At this point in my career, my family is crucial to success.”


For many decades, his competitiveness took him to racing motorcycles, snow machines, and three and four wheelers. “I very much like individual sports … it is just you,” said Davis. “Your results are yours only. Now I love to spend time in the motor home, backcountry snow machine and side-by-side riding. Visiting with my kids and granddaughter Josie is a highlight. My company is very active in helping with multiple community events. I serve on several board of directors such as Wells Fargo (local and statewide seats) as well as being an executive board member of the Industry Alliance. I am the Associated General Contractors membership chair. And, I enjoy building race machines for my son!”

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Words to live by…

“Nothing worthwhile will be easy for the most part! Start slow and build on your successes while shedding the losses and failures as just a learning experience! What I started doing in business doing 43 years ago does not really exist in this day and age. Keep looking for ways to diversify. EVOLVE!”


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