KPBSD inspiration: Elena Basargin, Voznesenka School #ClassOf2019

Voz 2 Elena Basargin

Voznesenka School
Elena Basargin, Class of 2019

“Elena Basargin is definitely a student to be recognized,” said Principal Wojciak. “Her list of accomplishments is extensive, which exemplifies her perseverance and dedication. Elena is not a person who tends to stick out of the crowd with loud actions or reactions, yet, she does shine when it comes to persistence, responsibility, and accountability. Elena can be counted on to finish what she starts, completing every task with devotion and an innate desire to do it precisely.”

Elena actively involved herself with each opportunity offered. She was a member of the school soccer team, a two-time Project Grad summer institute participant, valued Battle of the Books team member, and Youth Court judge. She was accepted into the Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and accepted multiple scholarships. In addition to her steadfast dedication to school, Elena’s personality is a quintessential match. She is delightful, humorous, and witty. She may not always be the first to catch a joke, but with a deeper understanding, she has the biggest laugh. “Her contagious smile is one that will be missed around our school,” said Principal Wojciak. “With grateful hearts for all she has offered, we wish her the best in her continued success.”

The mission of the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is to empower all learners to positively shape their futures.

Voznesenka Elena Basargin


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