What will happen if there is a strike in the KPBSD?


What will happen if there is a strike in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District?KPBSD logo


  • If the unions decide to call a strike, they are required to provide the Superintendent of Schools with 72-hour notice prior to a work stoppage. The Superintendent of Schools will immediately notify all staff, parents, community partners, contractors, etc. of the start date of the strike. A media release will be issued.


  • EMERGENCY SCHOOLS CLOSURE: During a strike, every KPBSD school will be closed, including Connections Homeschool, charter and alternative schools, and distance delivery programs.


  • An EMERGENCY SCHOOLS CLOSURE encompasses all before and after school activities, sports, community school activities, pools, and any rentals or usage of school facilities. The emergency closure includes Boys and Girls Club activities in every KPBSD school or facility. Only individuals approved by the Superintendent of Schools will have access to KPBSD schools and facilities.


  • Make up of any cancelled high school sports and extracurricular activities are subject to the rules of KPSAA, affiliate region boards, and ASAA. Some may or may not be able to be made up.


  • School session days and staff work days that are missed due to a strike must be made up. The number of days that schools are closed due to a strike will be added to the end of the 2019-2020 school year calendar in May.


  • If a strike were to occur, daily updates will be issued about the EMERGENCY SCHOOLS CLOSURE. Official KPBSD communications will be posted on the KPBSD website and digital media platforms.



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