Sources of Strength Family Toolkit

Sources of Strength

Dear KPBSD Families, Students, and Staff,

Take a deep breath.

It is very important to keep doing this. Breathing in and out. So many things have changed in the Spring of 2020, and transitions are hard.

KPBSD offers you these tools to help you navigate the transitions you are facing. Sources of Strength is a public health program that 14 of our KPBSD schools currently offer for their students. Sources of Strength focuses on promoting mental health and building protective factors that increase connection, coping, resiliency and wellness.

We all have strength!

Our Sources of Strength programs help teams of students and school staff identify what strengths they have in their lives to help them move through the ups and downs of life. The Sources of Strength Wheel is composed of eight categories that we can draw strength from: Family Support, Positive Friends, Mentors, Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality, Physical Health and Mental Health. These strengths are powerful strengths that help us build resilience and health relationships.

We all have mental health.
How we cope, calm and connect when we experience feelings and emotions are what creates our mental health. We can use our strengths to support our mental health. It is possible for us to not just survive, but thrive in our new reality. These resources provide you check-ins, activities for exploring emotions, conversation starters, and practices for you and for the student in your household to calm, to cope and to connect.

These activities and resources are from elementary schools, middle schools, and high school programs. Feel free to modify them however works best for you. Start your day with a check-in. Take the emotional temperature in your home and find out how everyone is doing. End your day with thankfulness, naming things that you are grateful for. Share these resources with your friends and neighbors, and together let’s practice #WhatHelpsUs. Share posts on social media and hashtag #WhatHelpsUs and #KPBSDstrong

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