KPBSD Weekly Update: 7-16-20

COVID19 is creating a bumpy and difficult time. We know it may be very hard for you, and adaptions may require a new focus, mindset, and decisions. We promise to communicate and be proactive, even when we do not have all the answers. Let us trust that together we can and will continue offering learning for all our students, and keep our excellent KPBSD staff employed. To do this we need grace, kindness for each other, and self-care for families and ourselves.

To safely open schools, we must each take actions now, to slow or stop the spread of the COVID19 virus. When you wash your hands, watch your 6’ distance with others, and wear a mask in public places, you directly influence the safe opening of schools and learning for our children. Our actions add up, and we can and will get through this global pandemic.

July 16, 2020 KPBSD Weekly Update

  • The KPBSD Board of Education approved the KPBSD 2020 Smart Start for Schools, and we know it will continue to evolve.
  • The first day of school for students in most KPBSD schools is Monday, August 24, 2020. View Variance calendars for some smaller schools
  • Quick view Smart Start Plan highlights for parents and families:


New! Symptom Free School Protocol: If any symptoms of illness are present, students and staff will not go to school. New cleaning protocols are in place. Updates to COVID19 risk levels on the Kenai Peninsula will be made daily*.

Choice: Where will learning happen?

Families will have the choice* to elect for their children to:

When you enroll in your neighborhood school and choose to attend in person or via remote learning, or in KPBSD Connections Homeschool, your choice keeps education funding coming to KPBSD for the Kenai Peninsula, employs our excellent staff, and offers options for students.

*We know you have questions and want to make the best choice for your family. Helpful guidance will arrive to you next week. In addition, updated online enrollment with a preference about the three KPBSD options will be coming out soon.


Learning is designed for flexibility of location: in-person or remote. Each grade or subject course will have both the physical classroom option in school, and the virtual “remote” classroom where materials will be shared and lessons taught.


Schools will continually work to support students during this singular time in education. Students and parents will be able to count on WHO supports them, and WHERE to find materials, feedback, and access to learning.


KPBSD and schools will provide timely resources and information to staff, families, and publics. School websites will serve as a hub for their learning community and include contact information and virtual classroom links, school COVID19 risk level, updates, and school social media sites.

*Determining COVID19 Risk Levels on the Kenai Peninsula

KPBSD implemented an operational plan to indicate low, medium, or high risk of COVID-19 community transmission in a geographical region or school. Decisions are based on state data, and local current information from the DHSS and public health. Updates will be made daily, posted on the KPBSD website, and communicated to our families, staff, and publics when changes in risk levels occur. KPBSD schools will be open to students in low and medium risk levels, with increased safety measures in place.

A visual map of the Kenai Peninsula risk level in our 42 schools is in development, and will be live online no later than August 1.


Kindly note: if you ask questions in a comment, I’ll do my best to review them several times a week, and respond. I appreciate your patience and understanding that until we create a FAQ, that your questions assist to develop it, and I will get you answers soon. – Pegge Erkeneff, Director of Communications


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