Weekly Update: Three KPBSD School Solutions during a pandemic

Planning continues to open 42 KPBSD schools, and the science and spread of COVID19 in Alaska continues to change–you likely have questions and concerns. One size does not fit everyone, and COVID19 is creating challenges we have never lived through. Together we will create solutions and help you choose the best option for learning this fall.

We understand education during a global pandemic requires adaption, a flexible mindset, and serious decisions. We promise to communicate and be proactive, even when we do not have all the answers. Toward that end to assist you, a dedicated phone number and email address that will reach district office to respond to your COVID19 and school choice questions is now available—look in the question section for the contacts. School principals and secretaries return to work the week of July 28, and school staff return later in August.

Included this week is a new flyer with the Three Flexible Solutions for School in KPBSD, and responses to seven common questions. We know some of you will need devices or internet—the survey next week will help determine your needs so the district can assist.

July 23, 2020 KPBSD Weekly Update: Three Flexible Solutions for School in 2020-2021 during a Global Pandemic

Which KPBSD K-12 learning option will be best for you?

  • ONSITE at Your KPBSD School
    Learning at your neighborhood school, charter school, or non-traditional KPBSD school
  • 100% Remote with Your KPBSD School
    Learning with your neighborhood school, charter school, or non-traditional KPBSD school
  • HOMESCHOOL: Enrollment in KPBSD Connections Homeschool program
    Learning is designed by families with a Connections Teacher Advisor and facilitated by parents

Seven Questions

Q: Can I change once I decide?

Yes. If you need flexibility to change between options, KPBSD wants you to be successful and you can make a change

Q: Will face coverings be required when school begins in August?

Superintendent O’Brien and the district leadership planning team are currently reviewing the science and recommendations from CDC, DHSS, DEED, and public input about requiring face coverings to be worn in the school environment. An update to the SmartStart plan is forthcoming, and will be shared in the communication next week.

Q: Help Desk

We know many of you want to talk to your school principal, secretary, or teachers, prior to making a decision. Principals and secretaries begin returning to work on or after July 28, and teachers return in August. If you need help deciding what is best for you and your children, have questions, or simply need someone to hear your thoughts and concerns, the district office is open. For your specific COVID19 and school related questions, call 907-714-8864, email us at covid19@kpbsd.org, or visit covid19.kpbsd.org. For general questions, the main KPBSD office number is 907-714-8888

Q: When do I need to choose?

You will receive an online update form next week, and can complete it any time prior to the start of school. Through the form, you can also update student contact information, indicate what access you need for internet and learning devices, and indicate your choice for school beginning in August 2020

Q: When will schools close in high COVID19 risk level?

  • Always open: The 100% Remote with Your KPBSD School, and the KPBSD Connections Homeschool, will be open during all risk levels
  • Pivot needed: The ONSITE at Your KPBSD School will close to students during high COVID19 risk, and shift to 100% Remote Learning through the Virtual Classroom

Q: Can I receive school meals if schools close during High COVID19 risk?

Yes. We are planning to implement the “Get-it and Go” meals if schools need to close to students during high COVID19 risk

Q:How do you determine COVID19 Risk Levels on the Kenai Peninsula?

KPBSD implemented an operational plan to indicate low, medium, or high risk of COVID-19 community transmission in a geographical region or school based on 14 day averages and seven day trends. Decisions are based on state data, and local current information from the DHSS and public health. Beginning August 1, updates will be made daily, posted on the KPBSD website, and changes in risk level communicated to our families, staff, and publics. A visual map of the Kenai Peninsula risk level in our 42 schools is in development, and will be live online no later than August 1, 2020


To safely open schools, we must each take actions now, to slow or stop the spread of the COVID19 virus. When you wash your hands, watch your 6’ distance with others, and wear a mask in public places, you directly influence the safe opening of schools and learning for our children. Our actions add up, and we can and will get through this global pandemic.

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