action: Support for Borough Assembly Resolution 2020-061

Education Funding Action
Contact your Borough Assembly representative, or testify 9-15-20, 6:00 PM Assembly Meeting

ACTION: On 9-15-20, request Assembly Members support of Kenai Peninsula Borough Resolution 2020-061 “Resolution in Support of the State’s Use of Estimated Student Count Data to fund K-12 Education for Fiscal Year 2021”

  • cause: Decline in projected KPBSD student school enrollment due to COVID-19 global pandemic in the 2020-2021 school year

  • effect: without “Hold Harmless” the enrollment decline creates a potential loss of already budgeted $2,361,550 (est. 9-8-20) from State of Alaska education funding to KPBSD

  • solution: State of Alaska can “Hold Harmless” school district funding, creating a safe harbor for FY21 education funding in the year of COVID-19


The school district Board of Education adopted Resolution 20-20-21 on August 3, 2020, and conveyed it to Kenai Peninsula legislators. KPBSD Board of Education Resolution to support the State’s use of estimated student count data to fund K-12 Public Education for FY21

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