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Dear KPBSD Parents and Guardians,

Your input is requested in this brief survey to assist refining the KPBSD Smart Start Plan so the option to attend onsite-at school during High COVID-19 Risk levels is available to more students. The survey closes Tuesday, November 10, at 8:00 AM.

On Monday, November 2, 2020, at the Board of Education work sessions and meetings, the school board gave KPBSD administration the direction to work on plans to safely bring students back into our schools during High Risk (Red) COVID-19 operation levels.

The KPBSD Team fully understands the hardship moving to remote learning caused for students, families, and staff. Students need to be in school, and we know our staff want to work with their students in person. Plans are being made to address mental health concerns for both students and staff during this transition period through early December. Updates to the Smart Start Plan need be proposed, vetted, and approved by the Board of Education.

The purpose of this survey is to determine the best option to safely bring students to onsite at-school learning when we operate in Red-High Risk due to COVID-19 community spread. Two options:

1)      Bring all students (less those who choose 100% Remote Learning) back into the school every day with heightened mitigation measures in place.

2)      A/B schedule: An A/B schedule will allow all schools the maximum distancing possible between students and between students and staff, by having half of the enrolled students in a building at a time, and designated into an A group and a B group of students. An A/B schedule can be designed several different ways including the following examples:

·         Monday A; Tuesday B; Wednesday A; Thursday B; Friday remote, at risk students, cleaning, etc.
·         Monday and Tuesday A; Wednesday and Thursday B; Friday remote, at risk students, cleaning, etc.
·         Week A attends M-T-W-Th for a week; Week B attends M-T-W-Th the following week

This survey will take approximately 5 minutes.  Please take this survey once for all of your students attending a KPBSD school.

Clayton Holland
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction

KPBSD Smart Start Plan


KPBSD Risk Level Dashboard

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