Grade 7-12 Onsite Learning Update

How soon will 7-12 grade students return to onsite at-school learning every day?

Good news: the community spread of COVID-19 is continuing to flatten on the Kenai Peninsula, so it appears schools may soon open onsite every day for Grades 7-12. Thank you to everyone for your patience—if you have questions or issues to solve, call your school and talk to your principal, teacher, or school secretary.

When is the earliest possible date Grades 7-12 could resume attending onsite five days a week?

Monday, January 25, 2021, is the earliest possible date for:
Eastern Peninsula (Moose Pass and Seward schools)
Southern Peninsula (Homer area, Nikolaevsk, and Ninilchik schools)

Monday, February 1, 2021, is the earliest possible date for:
Central Peninsula (Kasilof, Kenai, Nikiski, Soldotna, and Sterling area schools) 

On or before January 22, 2021, KPBSD will provide an update with an official announcement.

How will I know when grades 7-12 will be open every day to onsite learning at my school?

Parents, students, and families will receive a message from the district through School Messenger, and schools will also contact their families when this change takes effect. An announcement will be posted on, the KPBSD mobile app, and on social media. The KPBSD team continues to monitor COVID-19 spread, health care capacity, and ability to staff and operate schools safely. Thank you for your good effort to open schools safely, and keep schools open! Monitor your school risk level on the COVID-19 dashboard.



January 15, 2021 Update

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