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The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District will join Alaska Teacher’s Placement for a Virtual Job Chat on Thursday, July 8, 2021, from 3:00-4:30 ADT (7:00-8:30 PM EDT). An additional job chat will be July 29, 2021.

For 90 minutes on Thursday, July 8, 2021, tap into the Alaska Teacher Placement Virtual Job Fair (VJF) with guest Kenai Peninsula Borough School District! Join us from 3:00-4:30 PM ADT with your questions, or view the video later.

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Virtual Job Chat with…
Hosts: Kari Dendurent, Assistant Superintendent; Tony Graham, Director of Secondary Education; Amy Hagen, Director of Student Support Services; Pegge Erkeneff, Director of Communications, Community, and Government Relations; and Kendra Denney, Personnel Specialist HR

When: Thursday, July 8, 3:00-4:30 PM ADT (7:00-8:30 pm EDT)
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How to ParticipateATP Facebook Page

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is especially interested in chatting on the ATP Facebook page about the following openings:

View and search open positions as of July 1, 2021 on the KPBSD website and start your application.

Valuable KPBSD HR and School Links:

The Facebook Live is a great opportunity to connect directly to the Human Resources and decision makers with our school district. Bring your questions, and tune into the ATP Facebook Live stream. This event will be recorded for archived viewing.
KPBSD is not able to sponsor foreign teachers for H1 or J1 visas.

“Our diverse K-12 district is a leader in Alaska and at the forefront to support our teachers’ instruction—especially in this new time of remote learning. We strive, every day, to prepare our students for their future in a rigorous, relevant and responsive learning environment. Our students perform at or near the top in any standardized test required of them. They are creative thinkers and problem solvers. Our staff focus is to enhance student skills in critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity through personalized learning. This focus only happens in a culture of continuous improvement with high expectations of staff. Our school district makes a commitment to meet these high expectations through professional development for our staff, and ongoing striving to be an innovative, world class school district.

–Pegge Erkeneff, KPBSD Director of Communications, Community, and Government Relations

About the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
The Kenai Peninsula is 25,600 square miles, with 17 distinct communities, and 42 schools. You’ll find neighborhood schools, village schools, a home school program, charter schools, K-12 small schools, and a performance based school. An estimated 58,522 (2018) residents live on the Kenai Peninsula. Southcentral Alaska offers year-round outdoor adventure, mild summers, and relatively warm winters. You can live near glaciers, on salt water, rivers, or lakes. Outdoor activities are plentiful and include fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, canoeing, clamming, birding, berry picking, wildlife viewing, ice skating, sled dog mushing, and more! Art, music, native culture, sports, wildlife centers, and museums are integral parts of the diverse Kenai Peninsula communities. Local industry includes oil and gas, a vibrant medical community, commercial and sport fisheries. The climate is mild in contrast to the interior and northern Alaska. Our winters last a month or two longer than the Lower 48. December temperatures average in the mid 20’s, and our summers are brilliant, with nearly 24-hour sunlight, and a lush, green landscape.

Located south of Anchorage, nothing about the Kenai is formal or stuffy. In fact, no other destination offers such an up close and personal Alaskan experience. That’s why we are known as Alaska’s Playground! This map shows links to a detailed Google Map view of the 42 KPBSD school locations.

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