a poem, “The Black Sea and the Little Boy”

Meet Damian, a young poet and 6th grade student enrolled in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Remote Learning Program. “The Black Sea and the Little Boy” poem is original work from a narrative poetry lesson utilizing personification. He selected the photo images from Book Creator.

“The Black Sea and the Little Boy”

One Day

Ukrainian Boy

Running away from Russian soldiers

Four long hours

Through the woods

To the Sea

Soldiers left behind

Time to rest

On the Beach

as the boy was resting

the ocean made a boat

the boy woke up

in the sand

he saw written

“come boy

climb in my boat

and sail somewhere safe”

so the boy climbed in

saw a sign saying

“drink the rain

eat my fish

then you will be safe

and healthy”

so he did

and the ocean is kindhearted

despite how hurt he was

he still helped the boy

by Damian

His teacher said, “Our community project this week was to write a narrative poem using personification. Students chose a landform or body of water and another perspective to relate to it. Students read The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and studied how he used personification in this narrative poem as a mentor text for the project.”

Daily Community Meetings and weekly Community Projects are a key feature of the KPBSD Remote Learning program that fosters connection and a learning community at a distance for the remote learners.

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