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Desmond Moon, Tebughna School, #ClassOf2018

Published on July 3, 2018 By Pegge Erkeneff

Desmond Moon Tebughna School, Class of 2018 Desmond Moon is Tebughna School’s Student Body President. “But he is so much more than that—he is thoughtful, intelligent, patient, kind, fun to be around, a fabulous leader and a great role model,” said Principal Pamela Potter. Mr. Desmond says, “So many people helped me throughout my life. […]

Tebughna youth learning traditional Native American skills

Published on October 23, 2017 By Pegge Erkeneff

Tebughna School middle and high school students are participating in a Native American unit of study, where they read Native American themed novels, write Native American folk tales, and practice picture-writing. Students are studying Native American geographical regions, and researching famous Native Americans. In science, students are using STEAM* engineering challenges to create the various […]

Student grown seeds and greens in Tebughna’s community garden

Published on April 1, 2015 By Pegge Erkeneff

How does your garden grow?   We do not have silver bells or cockle shells. However, our ‘pretty maids all in a row’ are the ladies who work for the Tyonek Tribal Conservation District (TTCD).  These “dirt ladies” coordinate and collaborate with the school and the community to create a successful and productive community garden. The […]