Desmond Moon, Tebughna School, #ClassOf2018

Desmond Moon

Tebughna School, Class of 2018

Desmond Moon is Tebughna School’s Student Body President. “But he is so much more than that—he is thoughtful, intelligent, patient, kind, fun to be around, a fabulous leader and a great role model,” said Principal Pamela Potter.

Mr. Desmond says, “So many people helped me throughout my life. I want to thank my parents, my siblings, and all my teachers through the years. In tough times, I turn to my sister Christy. My parents taught me to be respectful, and I believe we all should lead by a higher standard. I enjoy guitar, video games, hobbies, hanging with friends, and working on building things.

In the future, I see myself independent, self-sufficient, employed in construction, and married with a wife and three children.

His advice to younger students: “Stay positive. Do not slack off along the way. Listen to your teachers. Be respectful.”

“Tebughna School is so proud of Desmond. We hope you always remember to follow your dreams,” said Principal Potter. Congratulations on your graduation!

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