KPBSD Key Communicators – Champions for Children

Nearly 50 parents, students, elected officials, district leadership team, regional principals, and community partners gathered for a Key Communicator Evening “Champions for Our Children” at Skyview Middle School, on Thursday, October 25, 2018. Three quick hours passed with an energetic keynote presentation about Personalized Learning (PL) in KPBSD, and other programs of interest through station rotations. Everyone could chose two of the four topics: School Climate and Student Safety; Student Opportunities; Public Advocacy; and General Fund Budget. Identified through a survey ahead of time, district Leadership Team members facilitated the four areas of interest sessions based on their areas of expertise.

A lively, informative evening, everyone attending offered positive reflections and feedback. Superintendent Sean Dusek, who provided a district update said, “I am very pleased with the participation and work that occurred at our most recent Key Communicator meeting. Our instructional efforts, challenges and proactive measures were discussed and many questions, suggestions and reflections were gathered to help ensure our schools’ stories are clearly shared across the borough and state.”

To learn more about KPBSD Key Communicators, be added to the email list, or become involved, review the webpage, or email Pegge Erkeneff, Communications Liaison, at Pegge @ evening program in KPBSD 10_25_18_Page_1Presentation Materials in PDF format:


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