Student centered initiatives shape Voznesenka School

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Several staff members at Voznesenka School have diligently worked to create an environment that makes students feel connected to our school, rather than school being something they attend as a requirement. Making aesthetic modifications to the facility, offering additional courses of interest, implementing a school-wide student management system and providing opportunities for our students to participate in cocurricular activities are some of the approaches we have used to produce this transformation. To the outside eye our most visible changes are the athletic opportunities we now offer our students.

Two years ago our school only had a few intramural activities available to students. Next year, we will have four ASAA sanctioned sports available at Voznesenka School, as well as a few activities for our elementary and middle school students. These opportunities bring a sense of pride, belonging and commitment to Voznesenka. Since the school is the only public entity in our village, it has been challenging to increase school-community interaction. Sporting events have opened new doors of communication among staff, students, and community members through attendance at games and meets.

Increased cocurricular opportunities are also positive persuaders for students’ academic accomplishments. Grade checks keep our athletes motivated to meet school and district expectations. Participation in practice and games is dependent on attendance, which positivity impacts students’ time in school. Furthermore, athletics will encourage more students to graduate from Voznesenka School.

We are proud of the student-centered initiatives shaping the culture of Voznesenka School. Striving to meet the needs of our students is our first priority, which does give them a sense of belonging. Continued efforts will enhance the engagement of students at their school.

Story contributed by Principal Michael Wojciak

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