High accolades for speech, language, and hearing contributions

High accolades for three KPBSD employees who receive praise and recognition during the Alaska Speech–Language-Hearing Association (AKSHA) conference, October 16-17, 2015, in Anchorage, Alaska!

“The speech-language pathologists working in the KPBSD are incredible,” said Clayton Holland, director of pupil services. “It is wonderful that Cynthia Detrow, Judy Gonsalves, and Amy Hogue were recognized for their outstanding contribution to their profession in Alaska. They each bring so much to the table in the terms of expertise, hard work, collaboration, and service to students. I consider it an honor to work with them individually and with the entire group of speech and language pathologists in our district.”

KPBSD October 2015 AK Speech award (1)

Judy Gonsalves, Cynthia Detrow, and Amy Hogue receive high accolades for contributions that make a difference!

Judy Gonsalves, West Homer Elementary
AKSHA Sourdough: Long-Term Dedication and Outstanding Contributions in Speech Language Pathology and, or Audiology—Judy Gonsalves

This award recognizes an Audiologist and, or SLP who demonstrates long-term dedication to issues in the state, advocacy, leadership, or outstanding clinical practice.

Judy Gonsalves is the Speech-Language Pathologist for grades third through sixth at West Homer Elementary School and has been for the past 12 years. Ms. Gonsalves began 30 years ago as an itinerant SLP in Bristol Bay, flying out to 11 different villages to give services to Alaskan students. Recalling her experience, she said, “I always packed an apple, granola bars and a book for when I got weathered in, and worked hard to keep the audiometer warm in the bush planes on cold winter days!” After filling in for an SLP on maternity leave, she found herself in need of a job and returned to school for her Type A certification, then taught third grade for 15 years. Keeping up her Type C certification, she was able to apply for her current SLP position in Homer. Besides working in the school, she is also active in the community through the Homer Council on the Arts, Homer Friends of the Library, and the KBBI public radio station.

Cynthia Detrow
Red Lantern: Outstanding Contributions in Rural Alaska by an Audiologist and, or a SLP—Cynthia Detrow (Kenai Peninsula Borough School District)

This award recognizes the unique challenges many AKSHA members work under to provide services to those in our rural areas.

Cynthia Detrow took the initiative to pursue providing a distance delivery speech program to the remote sites in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. “By providing telespeech services from another location in the district, Ms. Detrow is able to offer more consistent, efficient, and effective services to students living in hard-to-reach rural areas of the district,” noted Clayton Holland, Director of Pupil Services with KPBSD. “We no longer need to worry about the weather preventing the delivery of services to students.” Cindy, also, travels to the peninsula’s village schools on a rotating basis to provide on-site assessment, collaboration with school staff and parents, and direct services to students. Cindy’s blended approach of distance delivery combined with on-site work has led to therapy that is mutually beneficial to all involved, creating cost benefits for the district while also maximizing the effectiveness of services. Cindy’s work has also inspired other district specialists to use distance technology to provide services, attend meetings when otherwise weathered-out, and link students in remotes sites with students in other locations in the district for educational purposes.  Detrow highly deserves recognition with AkSHA’s Red Lantern Award for her outstanding contribution to speech-language service delivery in rural Alaska.

Amy Hogue, President’s Award

Amy Russell, president of the Alaska Speech-Language Hearing Association, selected Amy Hogue for her President’s Award. She said the following: “Amy has made many contributions to our association. Many therapists in the Kenai area have joined our association at the encouragement of Amy. She has also been a great AKSHA ambassador to her employers at the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. Amy has served on our ASKHA board for many years. Currently, she is our Communication Chair and has been for almost four years. She has been a key contributor to our current website and has become our Wild Apricot specialist, as we navigate and figure out all that the company has to offer our association’s website. If you ask her to do something, it’s done without a second reminder and done quicker than you even thought possible. If you’ve ever received an email from AKSHA, Amy was probably the one who hit the ‘send’ button.”



KPBSD October 2015 AK Speech award (2)

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