Hope School: Home to Owls, Bugs, and Superheroes

What does Hope have to do with owls, bugs, and superheroes? Well, these topics meant money in the bank for some students at Hope School.

“Bug” - Liam Bureau First place photo, Ididacontest

“Bug” – Liam Bureau
First place photo, Ididacontest


This year, students in Hope tried their hand at a new venture by competing in the state Ididacontest sponsored by the Alaska Society for Technology in Education, an organization that promotes and supports the use of technology in education throughout Alaska.  The Ididacontest is broken into many different categories, including photos, tunes, documentaries, movies, podcasts, aps, and ebooks. Each category has sub categories and involves grades K-12 and adults. All works must be original works by students and copyright free.

Hope students hopped onboard back in October and began planning their strategies for making entries to this competition. Some tried their hand at writing books, others scoured hundreds of photographs for just the right choice, while others began devising a way to work with film. In the end, Hope students submitted over a dozen entries to the Ididacontest in several different categories.

Following their hard work, Hope brought home three prizes, raking in $200 in cash donated by Ididacontest sponsors. Ryker Skaaren and Wesli Dykstra won first place for their documentary, “Your First Step to Learning About Alaska’s Owls”, Liam Bureau took home first place for his photo, “Bug”, and Murphy Dykstra and Ryker Skaaren landed third place for their ebook, “Murphy and Ryder’s Book of Poems”. So, yes, right now, bugs, owls, and superheroes are quite popular in the Hope area.

If you would like to view these winning entries and others from around the state, visit www.ididacontest.org.

Story contributed by Terri Carter

Hope ASTEWinners


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