Golden Apple awarded to Coach Galen Brantley

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Golden Apple Award | December 5, 2016
Mr. Galen Brantley

Galen Brantley, coach and educator, has served the students and community of Kenai Peninsula Borough School District since “the dawn of time” or more accurately, since August 2002, when he began working in the KPBSD. Coaching a record of 97 wins and only 5 losses, is only a portion of what makes Mr. Brantley such a positive impact for our students and athletes. At the state level, his teams earn championships on the field, state academic awards for the highest division GPA, and sportsmanship awards.

Darren Jones said, “I’ll never forget the first away game my wife and I attended as “SoHi football parents” in Palmer. The JV and Varsity teams played on Friday evening, and the C-Team played the following day. My freshman son was kicking for the JV team. I noticed at half-time during the JV game, when the varsity players and coaches went to the locker room to prepare for the varsity game, that Coach Brantley stayed the entire second half, cheering up and down the sidelines, spending time with each player. Hugs, high-fives, pats on the back were generously given to all. He them repeated the process with the varsity team. The next morning, after sleeping on the gym floor, he was back on the field doing the same with the C-Team. He gets to know each students personally, and builds their self-esteem and self-worth.”

“I have watched Galen Brantley grow into a caring, yet demanding coach who understands his athletes and wants what is best for them while at the same time, expecting the best from them in their efforts,” said Heather Swanson.

“As a mother on the sidelines, I have witnessed a passion that Coach Brantley has for young athletes,” said Brandi Urban. “Our middle son needed structure and Coach Brantley’s football program has been a perfect fit for him all four years of school. He encourages his athletes to pursue college and has given our older son a love of football that we never saw coming. Hearing things from our boys that they do prior to games melts my heart as they all gather in prayer.”

Shelli Furlong said, “Coach Brantley has done so much more than coach both of my boys. In some of the most adverse situations he is able to reach out and share moments of support and courage when they needed it most. Coach Brantley has graciously led my boys to set goals and accomplish challenges both on and off the field with great determination and kindness.”

“Kids come and go but Galen and his staff remain constant,” said Tim and Kim Trammell. “During the 2014 year, many members of the team spent significant time in our home. These were no more than a bunch of goofy kids. However, all these carefree kids changed as soon as they walked into the football locker room where they became focused and disciplined on game day. It was an amazing transition. What we found most interesting was watching these same young men after they graduated. They have carried the discipline and motivation into their early adulthood. Many of these young men still contact Coach for advice and mentoring. Coach Brantley also encourages mentoring of past student athletes with players that are currently in the program. It was impressive to watch last year’s cornerback, linebacker, and tackle helping this year’s cornerback, linebacker, and tackle. We were literally watching them pass the torch.”

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize Mr. Galen Brantley, for his dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.


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