Mrs. Jeanne Duhan receives Golden Apple award

Jeanne Duhan Golden Apple KPBSD

Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
Golden Apple Award | June 5, 2017
Mrs. Jeanne Duhan

Mrs. Jeanne Duhan is an outstanding music educator, a tireless advocate for children, and a kind person. In the past five years at K-Beach Elementary School, Mrs. Duhan has gone above and beyond expectations to meet the unique needs of her students. For example, recognizing the need for more structured music learning activities for students over the summer, Mrs. Duhan cofounded and directed the band of the Con Brio Music Camp for two years. She spearheaded the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District adoption of SmartMusic, which is an innovative software application used to provide band students with individualized feedback on their performance.

Under the guidance of Mrs. Duhan, the K-Beach Elementary band program expanded to include grades four through six, three levels of band instruction, and close to 70 students studying a band instrument. “Jeanne inspires a true love of music and band in her students,” said Kent Peterson, Soldotna High School music teacher. “In addition to performing as a full band, she features many of her students in small ensembles and solos. These soloists and ensembles are sometimes performing at a level that is equal to and beyond what would be expected in grades seven and eight.”

“Additional contributions to our district and the wider music education community include adjudicating at a number of regional and statewide festivals; serving as guest conductor of the Aurora Music Festival Mass Band; serving as a student teaching mentor, as well as an informal mentor to a number of early career teachers in our district; designing and leading a number of professional development programs for our district music teachers, including training in instrument repair, music technology, and band teaching methods; and opening an instrument repair business,” said Jonathan Dillon, Mountain View Elementary music teacher.

In addition to the band program, the students at K-Beach Elementary are not just performing music, but learning how to perform music. The fundamentals of becoming a good musician are taught throughout her classes and will benefit her students and the schools for many years to come. Outside of school, Mrs. Duhan maintains an active performance schedule, and plays the French horn with the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra, the Redoubt Chamber Orchestra, and various chamber ensembles; Bari saxophone with the Peninsula Jazz Band; and guitar and vocals with the band, Recess Duty. Being so active in the community through music offers inspiration to her students and families.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize Mrs. Jeanne Duhan for her dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.

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Jeanne Duhan Golden Apple 2017 June

Jeanne Duhan Golden Apple

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