Mrs. Sharon Hale awarded Golden Apple

Mrs. Sharon Hale, Redoubt Elementary School
Golden Apple Award | June 1, 2020
Kenai Peninsula Borough School District

“Mrs. Sharon Hale is an incomparable human who goes beyond her duties as if there were no other option,” said nominator Stephanie Belger. “She is the librarian aide at Redoubt Elementary, and the whole community knows her as much more. My own children remember Mrs. Hale as the one who ‘always made us tie our shoes and dresses up as Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat.’ She is known for many activities in our school that are developed, continued, and spearheaded by her. A part-time employee, she is constantly seen working over than weekend and later than many other staff because she cares about our school. She helps children connect with books so they can learn to love reading. She encourages every aspect of reading support—even with the teachers!”

Throughout the years Mrs. Hale has run the Scholastic Book Fair, the Sunshine Committee, the annual Walk Your Child to School activity, the school-wide fundraiser, the math and science night, family night activities throughout the year, the bike rodeo, and the Dr. Seuss and Love of Reading month.

This all is a tremendous feat but it is still shy of the whole picture. She reaches out to peers, students, and the community with even more passion. Mrs. Hale can always be found giving individuals what they need before they even know what they need! At every staff departure there is a special Mrs. Hale handmade gift. In addition, there is always one for new coming baby “Roadrunners” as well. She never misses an opportunity to help students with Forensics, Geo-Bee, Spelling Bee, and is known to spot children with books, games, and anything that will encourage them out of her own pocket. She is a substitute and jumps in for the other half of the day as much as possible when teachers are in need at a moment’s notice. Mrs. Hale loves helping others, even to helping student learn how to sew in Friday electives. Students can learn this wonderful trade and, staff call upon her on weekends to help with t-shirt quilts. She immediately gives of her time to assist with all the knowledge she has, and with her presence. Her outreach to the community is also long lasting. She has given decades to the CES fire family as a wife to a fire chief, stiches of love community projects, and Oiler’s baseball.

Mrs. Sharon Hale has been working in our school district since 1997, however she began volunteering at Redoubt Elementary in 1991. She has impacted the Redoubt community officially for 23 years and unofficially for 29. By the count, she has positively supported over thirteen thousand students, hundreds of teachers, and several administrators. Her leadership, service, and remarkable contributions to everyone will forever be remembered. In the words of the current administrator, Principal Bill Withrow, “When you look at the heartbeat and pulse of our school, Sharon Hale’s name is in all of it.”

The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District Board of Education is proud to recognize Mrs. Sharon Hale for her dedication to the students of the school district, past, present, and future.

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