new: Returning Student Update Forms online portal is now open

Dear KPBSD parents and guardians,

The new “Returning Student Update Forms” online portal is open to you now! This will streamline the required annual paperwork for your child, and where you will indicate your choice about how your child will begin school in August.

Your KPBSD instructional teams and school staff are working to prepare for school beginning Monday, August 24, 2020* for most of our 42 schools on the Kenai Peninsula. Our school principals and secretaries are available to answer your questions, or you can contact the KPBSD help desk during business hours with questions about COVID19 and schools.

To assist your school to put plans for safety and instruction about who will attend school onsite, or 100% remote, or shift to homeschool, kindly complete your online forms and school choice as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, August 14, 2020.

Parent Choice: Parents and guardians filling out the form packets will be prompted to answer a question about their preferred learning environment during the COVID19 global pandemic. We invite every family to choose the plan best for their circumstances. The KPBSD 2020 Smart Start Plan offers three options:

  • ONSITE at Your KPBSD School
    Learning at your neighborhood school, charter school, or non-traditional KPBSD school

  • 100% Remote with Your KPBSD School
    Learning with your neighborhood school, charter school, or non-traditional KPBSD school

  • HOMESCHOOL: Enrollment in KPBSD Connections Homeschool program
    Learning is designed by families with a Connections Teacher Advisor and facilitated by parents

If you have questions about these three options, contact your KPBSD school for help to discern what is best for your child and family.

Thank you for your time to complete these student updates.

Begin your online student updates in PowerSchool FORMS portal



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