Kenai leader named Alaska 2022 Assistant Principal of the Year

The Alaska Association of Secondary School Principals (AASSP) named Kenai Central High School Assistant Principal Will Chervenak the 2022 State of Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year!

Previously on November 8, 2021, a KPBSD story featured Mr. Chervenak’s recognition as the 2022 Region III Assistant Principal of the Year. Read the KPBSD story and learn more about Mr. Chervenak and that honor.

From the AASSP, November 15, 2021, news release announcing the 2022 Alaska Assistant Principal of the Year:

AASSP President and 2021 Alaska Principal of Year, Robin Jones said, “Will Chervenak is an extraordinary leader who has moved mountains to create a school culture where students and staff thrive, and it is our distinct privilege to announce him as the 2022 Alaska Assistant Principal of Year!”

Chervenak has been with the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District (KPBSD) for six years and Assistant Principal at Kenai Central High School for the last three years.

“Mr. Chervenak has a continual growth mindset. He always seeks to find ways to improve and thereby become even more effective at positively impacting students. He is supportive of staff, and he seeks to include their voice on decisions made at the site level.” 

Clayton Holland, KPBSD Superintendent of Schools

Sharing how he has continued to grow as a leader despite a pandemic, Chervenak said, “I have pushed myself to improve my professional practice and have taken a new approach to student discipline, focusing on restorative justice and building positive relationships.” This year Chervenak has facilitated the N.O.T. (Not On Tobacco) youth cessation program as part of this new approach. N.O.T focuses on tobacco product education and cessation, providing an alternative to out-of-school suspension for students found using tobacco products at school. He shared that he will continue to learn and advocate for response to intervention best practices techniques to bring back to his school. 

Kenai Central High School Principal Dan Beck shared his excitement about Chervenak’s recognition saying, “It has been a pleasure to join Will Chervenak on the administrative team at Kenai Central High School this year. He is a true advocate for our community and school.”

Chervenak said the success of Kenai Central High School comes from the dedication and leadership of everyone on staff, “I am very proud of the culture that exists at my school. We are focused on student voice and providing a student-centered curriculum that is further supported by the personalized learning framework.”

“Will is motivated to serve the community, specifically students, which makes him an effective educator,” said Peter Gundunas, Resource Teacher at Kenai Central High School. He taught with Chervenak for four years. 


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